Portland student project gets rolling

Get on your bike! It’s time to make tracks at the Portland Sport and Recreation Club’s ‘soon to be’ bike park. Following a successful application to the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership (CBP) Program the Club will now be in...

cook st plaza_1

New look coming for CBD

Council’s display of concepts developed for the revitalisation of the Lithgow town centre kicked off on the 27th of January and has had a great response. The community has really responded to the shopfront in Main St with many people taking the...


Australia Day around the Region

Queen Elizabeth Park’s rotunda and gardens are the perfect venue to host Lithgow’s official Australia Day Ceremony, entertainment and activities in the summer evening on Tuesday, 26 January 2016. “It is exciting to present the NSW Local...


Christmas & Beyond

When the young boy was asked what Santa had brought him, he answered that Santa did not come to his place, but that he came to the Christmas and Beyond Lunch to receive a gift from Santa. Christmas and Beyond was happy to be a part of helping Santa...

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