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Haktari Fighters do well at Nationals

The 2016 Australian Taekwondo Championships were recently held at Bendigo in Victoria. Haktari Taekwondo sent a Team of 4 fighters and 2 coaches in there bid for national gold medals. Bendigo’s indoor venue was huge and it was packed out with...


Huge event for Taekwondo in Lithgow

The 24th Blue Mountains Taekwondo Championships were held in Lithgow over the weekend. Over 250 fighters attended the event from 17 clubs, with 235 full contact fighters and 49 non-contact pattern competitors. Clubs travelled from across Queensland,...


Real-world Self Defence

By Rich Evans Commando Krav Maga – It sounds like a disease you may catch if you are a commando in a far off jungle, but no: It is a serious ‘real-world’ self defence style created by Commando’s in the Israeli Special Forces. When I...

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