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Winter Is Here

As the middle of the year approaches and the weather becomes cooler, many people may wonder if they should wait until spring to make their next real estate transaction. This could be due to the fact that historically, winter is considered to be a...


The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Congratulations! Buying a home is an exciting time for every family. The next step is packing up your current home and moving into your new one. Moving can be overwhelming so we’ll run through a checklist to help you make your move efficient and...


Where to from here?

As I discussed last fortnight, properties in Sydney and Melbourne have experienced strong price growth since the end of May 2012. In this kind of market, it is not unusual to hear from agents, who announce that they have sold a property at so many...


What is gazumping and how to avoid it

The challenges facing buyers when purchasing property, are hard enough to navigate under normal circumstances. But a market with low levels of supply of housing stock, and high levels of buyer demand, can create its own unique set of challenges....


Should you rent or buy?

With interest rates so low, the issue of whether to rent or buy is hotly debated at the moment. As property prices continue to rise, many young Gen Y’s are concerned that they may have missed their opportunity to get into the property market...


Misquoting and Affordability

Below are some of my thoughts on two topics that have been spoken about in the media in some detail recently. As I stated last fortnight, I believe it is always best to address these kinds of topics with a level head, rather than letting the topic...

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