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Winter Super Foods

When you’re thinking about winter and food, some of things that come to mind are those yummy comforting slow roasted meats and veg in a thick gravy. Delicious I hear you say and I completely agree. But, if you’ve been struck down with a cold or...


Stress, health & wellbeing

From Roy Budaraju, Wallerawang & Portland Pharmacies Few people are unaware of the link between a healthy lifestyle and their wellbeing, but did you know it can also have an impact on stress? Stress is a dominant feature in our everyday lives...

face cleanse

Looking after your skin in winter

By Kellie Evans With winter now well and truly upon us, its time to think of our skin and the special attention it needs. The damaging and drying effects of the cold and wind combined with low humidity of indoor heating draw moisture from our body,...



From Roy Budaraju,  Portland & Wallerawang Pharmacies  Did you know that dementia is not a single condition or disease and the symptoms of dementia can be caused by over 100 different disorders that affect the brain? According to Alzheimer’s...

gluten free

Should you go gluten-free?

From Roy Budaraju, Portland & Wallerawang Pharmacies The term ‘gluten-free’ is ubiquitous in modern society. Today many people avoid gluten in the belief that it will improve their health or help them to lose weight. But is this the case?...


Movie Review: That Sugar Film

By Dr Derek N. Allan, LithgowOrtho Heading to the movies this weekend? I encourage patients, family and friends to check out That Sugar Film, currently screening across Australia and locally at Metro Cinemas Bathurst.  While That Sugar Film is not...

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