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Winter Flowers

It is always a challenge to find colour for the garden in winter.  Hellebores fit that category, with their winter flowers blooming to remind us that Spring will not be too far away. Hellebores grow well in our area and are best suited to cool,...


A Colourful Winter Display

Well winter is here and the first day of winter did not disappoint us. It was a dreadful cold windy day. All of the gardens are looking a bit drab at the moment except for the pansies, violas and, of course, the colourful little Polyanthus....



Camellias at the moment are looking amazing and bring a delightful display to the garden whilst other plants are dormant. Camellias are a genus of flowering plants from the family Theaceae.  The genus consists of many species including the...


Fun in the Garden

It is the little features in the garden that can make it a magical place for all, particularly children. It is no secret that I love the garden and when I am taking care of my two little grandchildren Jack and Emma that is where you will find me....


Colours of May

Many of our deciduous trees have lost their leaves but still providing lots of Autumn colour are the Japanese Maples and Liquidambar varieties. Pansies, Violas, Loropetalums, Salvias, Leucadendrons, Some Hebe varieties and Native Correas are all...


Welcomed Rain

With the much needed rain the district has received, our gardens should have had a great soaking – and at the perfect time for those who have planted their Spring Flowering Plants and Bulbs. If you have not yet planted Spring Bulbs, then it is...

rose man of steel

What’s New in the Rose World

Last year in the early days of the Garden Column I ran a little story on the various types of roses available to assist our gardeners with their selection and since the Village Voice circulation has grown, I thought it may be beneficial to new...

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