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Georg Mertensvv

‘Two Cellos’ at Eskbank House

Georg Mertens and Ella Jamieson are two great cellists, one the former teacher of the other, playing with a unique passion for the music and an uncanny understanding of each other’s playing! Georg studied cello at the reputed Staatliche...

phoenix choir

The Phoenix Choir is coming to Lithgow

When asked to nominate their favourite choral music, most people include Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem towards the top of their list. This work of exquisite simplicity and beauty transcends the sorrow of mourning with the hope of eternal peace, and is...


The night rock rolled into the Workies

If you were at Lithgow Workies last Saturday night, you witnessed a truly spectacular event. The Rolling Stoned tribute band transported us on a journey back to a time when Mick, Keith and Co, were still the baby faced youths that shocked the world....


Electro House Sessions

Amplify your speakers. The Ministry of Sound is about to come to Lithgow with Electro House Sessions 7. A last minute change of venue has not been a deterrent and Dave Winnel and Tom Piper are still coming over the mountains to perform at Pulse in...


Ministry of Sound headed for Portland

The quiet village of Portland is set to play host to the internationally famous DJs, Tom Piper and Dave Winnel on 18 July during their autumn tour, which is bringing the sound of Electro House to the nation. Michael Stanford, the owner of the...


Local singer’s solo debut

Last Friday night was quite brisk in Lithgow, but that did not stop a small but very passionate crowd of local music fans from turning out for the live music on offer from local artists Dave Webb, Sam Bucca and Les ‘Fender’ Burroughs at the...

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