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Mountain Bike Racing returns for 2017

 Afternoon mountain bike racing starts up again Tuesday 10th January, 6.30pm at the Rydal show ground.

All riders are welcome. We are fairly relaxed, A grade just means you do more laps and we encourage everyone to have a go, it’s about getting out there and competing against your own time and your mates.

So don’t be intimidated by the “race” tag. We all just go out to do our best

Women and kids under 16 get free race entry (License fees apply)

MTBA is offering 2 month free membership trials so follow the link, sign on up and your insurance will be covered for the trial period. otherwise you will need a $20 day license

6:30 is race start so 5:30pm rego opens, if you are new or need to renew your license please turn up earlier rather than later.

See for further information 

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