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Haktari Fighters do well at Nationals

The 2016 Australian Taekwondo Championships were recently held at Bendigo in Victoria. Haktari Taekwondo sent a Team of 4 fighters and 2 coaches in there bid for national gold medals.

Bendigo’s indoor venue was huge and it was packed out with 6 rings running over the 3 days of the championships to cater for both full contact fighting & non-contact pattern events. With nearly 2000 competitors from across Australia taking part action was a plenty with all fighters now having to wear special Daedo chest guards and thin foot protectors that have small senses in them the power of the kick delivered to the chest guard or head guard (Head contact for 12 years & up) transmitted back to the head of court computer, each weight category has different power settings and if the power reading is on or above the setting for that weight range the score is automatically displayed on the screen the 3 corner judges still press cordless handsets to register bonus points for a spinning kick or strong punch.

Alexis Reid was first on the floor for Haktari in the Female Blue Belt 22-25kg division in her fist fight Alexis fought Rihanna Barbosa from VIC and showed great foot work and timing to come away with a strong victory 9-1. In her 2nd match Alexis wasp against Claire Sardana from VIC it was a real battle between these two girls with both sharing the lead through out the match and with only a few seconds to go Claire got clear by 2 points to win the gold medal and Alexis got a well deserved Silver medal at her first Nationals.

Misty Walsh fought in a straight final against Alison Fung from VIC in the Over 30 years Female Black Belt 57-62k and quickly went about setting the pace and fired off some trade mark power kicks to get a good points lead, towards the end of the 3rd round Misty hit her opponent with a strong roundhouse kick to the body with xxxx trying to block it causing a badly bruised arm and she retired injured and Misty won the Gold medal and can now lay claim to being a Black Belt National Champion.
Lauren Corney in a come back after over 12 months off after calf muscle surgery on both legs tried her best against Kyah English from SA in the 15-17yr Female Black Belt 52-55kg, Lauren stayed with her opponent for the first round and then her legs started to seize up and being the fighter she is she kept on trying however the fight had to be stopped as Lauren just could not stand up with the pain so severe.

A gutsy effort from one so young we wish her well as the family seek out the answers to this condition.
Hayley Robson also fought in the 15-17yr Female Black Belt 52-55kg on the other side of the draw to Lauren, Hayley’s opponent was Stacey Hymer from VIC , this was another tough battle with xxx landing a strong kick to Hayley’s face early in the 1st round, over the next 2 rounds both girls traded kicks with xxx finding the mark more gaining valuable points that led the fight being stopped when she achieved a 12 point gap in the 3rd round. Hayley tried her best and can be proud of the Bronze medal she won. Stacey went on to easily win the Gold medal in a very strong effort.

tkd1-img_2010HTA’s students would like to thank their coaches for their efforts at the Nationals as well as in all the training leading up to it they are Jeff Crane, Misty Walsh & David Robson.
Head Instructor Jeff Crane praised the efforts of his fighters and was proud of their achievements, to get any medals at this level is an awesome result, as all the fighters at the Nationals have to be in the top 4 from each state in their divisions.

With little time to rest the HTA Elite Team will now be training hard for a number of competitions including, The Sydney Taekwondo Open on the 9th October, and then the NSW Taekwondo Championships that will be held at Homebush on 27th November.

If anyone is interested in learning Australia’s and the world’s most popular Martial Art, Taekwondo you can drop in to Haktari Taekwondo Academy’s fully equipped Martial Art centre at 43 Main St Lithgow (rear lane access) on weeknights or visit our web page at or give Head Instructor Jeff Crane a call on 0418 663 144

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