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New look coming for CBD

Council’s display of concepts developed for the revitalisation of the Lithgow town centre kicked off on the 27th of January and has had a great response.
The community has really responded to the shopfront in Main St with many people taking the opportunity to walk in and see the plans for themselves.
“An average of about 30 people per day have come in, perused the plans, asked questions and give really valuable feedback,” said Matthew Brewster, Lithgow’s Economic Development Officer. “After all it is the community of Lithgow that best know their town and its issues and opportunities.”
The great majority of people have supported the proposals on display and are very excited that something is going to happen in the near future to improve the towns public spaces, access and car parking.
“People have suggested all sorts of great ideas like making sure that we provide play spaces for children in the CBD, how to better connect public spaces with young people, ways to improve the look of the towns shop frontages, and suggesting new areas for car parking,” said Matthew Brewster. “All these suggestions and many more will be reported back to Council at the close of the public exhibition period.”
The project to revitalise the town centre is intended to be delivered over a 10 year timeframe, subject to ongoing funding. Council already has funding in place to kick off Stage 1 works during 2016/17 with works in Cook St Plaza and at the intersection of Main St and Eskbank St being delivered following further design development and stakeholder engagement.
Pictured: Artist’s impression of Cook St Plaza.

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