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Turning a new leaf at Secret Creek

Sometimes we get to do some pretty awesome things for work and last Saturday evening was one of those special nights!


We headed out to Secret Creek, hosted by Tenille Evans for their special 7 course degustation dinner, made even more amazing by the fact that it was entirely plant based.

The dinner began with a carrot gravalax, which perfectly mirroed the slamon usually used for the dish.

Then a broccoli “marrow”, which is tricky to explain but is basically broccoli stalk braised to perfection and served just like a meat bone marrow. Following was a version of “scallops”, replaced by stems of King Oyster mushrooms. An aromatic and delicious seafood inspired sauce accompanied. The last savoury dish was a take on “Chicken” poppers. Little bite size pieces of heaven coated in spices and flash fried. They tasted better than any fried chicken I’ve ever had. They were made with tempeh, a soy based protein.

Then the sweet dishes! We were treated to a shortbread with white chocolate ganache. Now, being plant based – I have no idea how they did this but it was so very good! Next, a gorgeous chocolate mousse and finally a traditional “cheese plate”. The cheese was a macadamia nut creation and coated in a delicious ash that you see with a fancy goats cheese.

It is a bold move by Tenille, to choose to follow her passion for a vegan lifestyle and putting her principles and passions first. You can see how happy and enthused she is about this change in direction as she explained each course to those gathered.

It is clearly a new thing for Lithgow, and will be embraced warmly by the many vegetarian and vegan residents who have had to travel large distances to enjoy this type of cuisine in the past. While it may be a challenge to carnivores, my reassurance is this: the flavours are amazing and we were so full at the end of the meal, you just don’t miss the meat.

Secret Creek is open weekends at 35 Crane Rd, Lithgow. For bookings call (02) 6352 1133

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