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Looking after your skin in winter

By Kellie Evans

With winter now well and truly upon us, its time to think of our skin and the special attention it needs.

The damaging and drying effects of the cold and wind combined with low humidity of indoor heating draw moisture from our body, leaving our skin itchy, flaky and prone to cracking. Its a problem for all ages, but in particular it affects mature skin and people that wash their hands many times a day like our mums.

• In this case, prevention is definitely the best cure. To combat this problem, there are a few ways to reduce the impact on our skin.

• Try to cut down on long hot baths as the hot water removes the skins natural oils very quickly.

• Moisturising regularly will replace the lost oils but try to find ones that have petrolatum, glycerin, mineral oil, linoleic acid, ceramides or dimethicone in them.

• Lips also need protecting so using a balm that has sunscreen is a good idea.

• Use a humidifier in the home or office, levels of 30% to 40% are ideal for maintaining moisture in your skin to prevent drying and cracking.

• Skin friendly fabrics are something to consider. While wooly jumpers keep you warm, they can be irritating to the skin and inflame any dry itchy skin. Natural fibres like cotton or silk allow the skin to breathe and would be a good idea to wear as a barrier between your skin and your favourite wooly cardie!

• When heading outside, pop on your gloves to prevent cracking on your hands but be sure to remove as soon as your back inside.

• Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE! Drinking plenty of water ensures that your body wont dehydrate accelerating the drying process.

• Also foods like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and plums along with foods that contain essential fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts and canola oil should hit your winter table regularly.

In our region, we are very lucky to have a few experts in the field of skin fitness. Lauren from Empress Beauty says “Regular facials that include an exfoliation help keep your skin in top condition, maintaining hydration and remove those dead skin cells”.  We also chatted to Kelley from Naturally By Kelley who agrees that prevention is the best way to protect your skin from the harsh Lithgow winter and has an amazing range of natural products that can help with looking after your face, lips, hands and body this season.

Empress Beauty have facial experiences starting from $50 so give Lauren a call today on 6352 2936. At Naturally By Kelley, a new shipment of natural products from The Jojoba Company have just arrived so head in to check out the range or call on 6352 4069.

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