A Colourful Winter Display

Well winter is here and the first day of winter did not disappoint us. It was a dreadful cold windy day.

All of the gardens are looking a bit drab at the moment except for the pansies, violas and, of course, the colourful little Polyanthus.

Polyanthus (Primula x polyantha) are an amazing little plant and much loved for the cheerful and colourful display they bring to our garden in Winter and they will blossom right through to Spring.  They are a member of the primula family and their colourful display can be enjoyed in the garden or a pot on the window sill.

Polyanthus are technically a perennial but are best grown as an annual.  In cooler areas like ours they will re-grow and flower for a few years.  They can be grown by either seed but most commonly purchased in punnets or potted colour.  They will flower for a long period if fed regularly with a soluble plant food and don’t forget to pinch off the dead flowers to encourage repeat blooming.

A great idea for a colourful pot display is to place some Daffodil or Hyacinth Bulbs in a pot with Polyanthus which will give you a great show of colour during Winter and Spring for years.

In the veggie patch the seeds you can plant now are peas, snowpeas, and onions.

In the flower patch you can plant your Cottage Garden Mix and Aquilegias.

Winter is also the best time to plant your deciduous ornamental and fruit trees and if you haven’t already planted your Hellebores than now is the time to do it for that spectacular late winter colour.  Next week we will feature Hellebores and how to plant and grow them.

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