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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Congratulations! Buying a home is an exciting time for every family.

The next step is packing up your current home and moving into your new one. Moving can be overwhelming so we’ll run through a checklist to help you make your move efficient and organised.

1. Disconnect all utilities

Before you move schedule for your phone, internet, electricity, gas, etc. to be turned off. Call your provider about a month before the move to let them know the date that you want to stop the service.

2. Schedule new utilities

While talking to your providers about disconnections, talk to your providers to schedule to have your utilities setup. If you have a landline and Internet connection, don’t assume that the one provider will change them both. For example, your Telstra phone service is different to Telstra BigPond, even though they’re on the one bill.

3. Measure doorways and furniture

Take the extra precaution of measuring all your furniture and doorways in both your new and old home. Inform the movers of the measurements and make sure they have a backup plan in case some pieces can’t fit.

4. Change mailing address

Don’t let your mail get lost in the shuffle. Even if you feel you’ve changed most details for mail, in case there are some that fall through the cracks, it pays to get your mail redirected for at least a month.

5. Leave a change of address

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Leave a note for the new residents, informing them of your new address. If any stray mail gets through the postal system, they’ll be able to send it your way.

6. Get covered

It seems like a tedious task but it’s important. If you’re moving outside of your current neighbourhood, it’s best to call your old pharmacy and transfer all your current prescriptions to a local pharmacy closer to your new home. Tell your doctors that you are moving and ask for referrals and record transfers.

7. Notify accounts of your move

Whether it’s your newspaper and magazine subscriptions or your credit cards, don’t miss anything. Call all the important companies and providers in your life to give them your new address. Don’t forget to get your homeowners insurance changed to your new address.

8. Tag your furniture for placement

You get to your new home, furniture is all moved in, and it just so happens that everything is in the wrong place. Prevent that by sticking notes on larger pieces of furniture, signifying where they belong in the home.

9. Create a “just in case” kit

If the movers are late or get lost on the way, it’s best to be prepared. Fill a box with cash, a first aid kit, toilet paper, snacks, and any other daily essentials you may need to get yourself through moving day.

10. Get a new driver’s license, inform the Electoral Commission, etc.

Changing your address through the postal service and other accounts are important, but don’t forget to take care of personal documents as well. Change your address on your driver’s license, insurance policies, and Electoral Commission.

Moving to a new home is the start of a new chapter. Be prepared in all aspects to ensure that you have the best moving experience ever.

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