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portland JRLFC 155

Portland Junior Rugby League

By Nikki Cutting

It was another good round for the Portland junior club with some top performances put in by our youngsters.

Under 7’s

Liam Rattenbury, Kooper Handley and Kane Harrison displayed some brilliant attack resulting in tries for them all, while Cedric Nairne, Temperance Nairne and Chase Thomas showed great support. Koby Griffiths was great in defence,with Owen Omerovic and tarissa callaway showing more confidence each week.

Player of the game was Temperance Nairne

Under 8’s

Cody Marlow, Kead Callaway and Connar Miles displayed some great attacking flair, while Deacon Cutting tackled everything that moved, being rewarded with the only try. Bree Muldoon, Hannah Marlow and Jamia Cadalt showed some girl power with awesome defence. Corey Harrison, Levi Irwin and Harry Collins had great all round games.

Player of the game was Hannah Marlow


Kuris McCann displayed some great skill this week with work horse Nate Green continuing his great form with another tireless effort. Stevie Marshall worked hard in attack getting a well deserved try, Corey Harrison, Deacon Cutting and Bree Muldoon also showed some super runs. Brock Handley, Lok Callaway and Kaed Callaway were tremendous and had great all round games. With excellent support from Connar Miles.

Player of the game was Bree Muldoon

We would like to thank all the people that support our club with buying or donating to our Friday night raffles and a big thank you to the guys and girls that sell the tickets.

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