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Naturally by Kelley

By Kellie Evans

In late 2011, Kelley Crane had an idea – Lithgow was in need of a place where you could get good quality natural body products without the “pot-luck” of an online purchase. So on the 17th of December, she opened the doors of Naturally by Kelley and hasn’t look back since. Located at 55 Main Street, you will recognise as the store with the cute flower pots outside – how about that curb appeal!

Today, the store has evolved as a welcoming peaceful place that specialises in natural Skin Care, Bath and Body products. Over the years, a delightful range of gifts have also found their way in with scented reed diffusers, oil burners, wax warmers, home decorator pieces, jewellery, tea and other organic consumables like coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

Chatting with Kelley, she’s very proud of what the shop has become and how happy her customers are with the lovely products. Kelley said “If you don’t like to use anything with chemicals in it, we offer a fantastic natural alternative!”

Kelley is a very involved business owner and has a very keen in interest in our town and seeing the region take on its next evolution. “While I know that some people feel nervous about where Lithgow is at the moment, Im really excited about the next chapter of our region and am very proud to be a part of our business community!”

Naturally By Kelley is located at 55 MainStreet. For any enquires call Kelley on 0417 667 212

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