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Common mistakes made with business websites

By Michael Todd

It is pretty clear to all that competition is as big as ever, no matter what industry you are in. Businesses are continually searching for those new marketing methods that give them a point of difference over their competitors.

But some aren’t making the most of what they have already. Websites are a great example of this. Some pay big money for their website, some start small and use a free template or friend to build them a site that they can use for now, and build on later.

The only problem is websites are very rarely updated. It takes more than just having a website to make it work for you. I see common mistakes being made time and time again. Here are some of them:

Having no clear website strategy

Your website should be focused on either generating genuine enquiries or selling online. Brochure type websites are a thing of the past. You need to ensure your site is focused on delivering an action from visitors.

Poor design and functionality

Your website design must be presentable, but also focus on helping visitors quickly get what they want when visiting your site. People want information quickly.

No branding

You website is the anchor of your online marketing so it must clearly communicate your attributes and benefits. It should also communicate what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Not regularly updating your website

Search engines reward websites that update their content regularly. Keep your content fresh to sustain the interest of site visitors, which should keep them coming back.

Poorly written website copy

Make sure your language and images are aimed at your target market and not that of your peers. Keep industry jargon to a minimum.

No call to action

It is important that your site’s visitors take some type of action. This can be signing up to an e-book or an e-newsletter or to make a sales enquiry.

Not optimising your website for search engines

There is not much point in having a website if it can’t be found on the internet. You need to research or invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) to compete these days.

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