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Passport to hoppiness

Zig Zag Brewery, located in the historic old brewery in Oakey Park, kicked off the momentous occasion of returning to brewing beer with the opening of the craft beer tasting and brewery tours over the weekend.

The Zig Zag Brewery has a proud history of utilising the onsite pristine spring water to produce award winning beers and the company has returned to its heritage with the release of five craft beers.

“The Zig Zag Brewery is a perfect place to brew craft beers,” said Adrian Schindler, Director of the Zig Zag Brewery. “Established in 1888, with beer brewing commencing shortly thereafter, it soon became famous as one of the best breweries west of the Great Divide. The pure spring water is a crucial ingredient in the taste of the beer and today we are still utilising the water in the brewing process.”

Manager Malina Schindler stated, “The brewery today is a designated historic site, and it is undergoing restoration to reflect its history and charm. We intend to rekindle the building’s proud tradition and take craft beer brewing into new and exciting directions.”

The Zig Zag Brewery maintains five house regulars and will also have seasonal short release specials. The range currently includes: Spring Ale, Oakey Park Ale, Sparkling Light Ale, Mountain Bitter and Rams Head Stout.

“Brewing craft beers is a passion for us,” said Colin Wiggans, brewmaster, who will manage the microbrewery’s on-site day-to-day operations. “For my part, I have always had a passion for brewing and have studied the many nuances of fermentation and beverage production and am proud to be part of Zig Zag Brewery rebirth.

Brewery Tours commenced last Saturday, with over 150 people taking part and going on to sample the range of beers. “I’m working to get these wonderful beers into as many hands as possible. The response to the beer and to the tours of the brewery has been really gratifying”, said Adrian Schindler.


The Zig Zag Brewery will be opened Saturday 23rd May 2015 for beer tastings and tours between 10.00am and 3.00pm. On the day you can purchase a tasting paddle or sample a bottle of our craft beer, enjoy one of the brewery tours and try one of our gourmet sausage sandwiches. For the nominated driver there are also bottles of spring water.  Tours and tastings on other days can also be arranged. Call Lithgow Valley Springs on (02) 6353 1677.


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