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Fun in the Garden

It is the little features in the garden that can make it a magical place for all, particularly children.

It is no secret that I love the garden and when I am taking care of my two little grandchildren Jack and Emma that is where you will find me. They have their own garden tools, wheelbarrows, watering cans and gloves and know exactly where they are kept in the shed. Encouraging children to be outside in the fresh air and playing in the garden is a privilege and thank goodness we live in this country where most people can have a garden plot no matter how big or small.

There is a lot for my grandchildren to explore and to make it a little more interesting they have their own Pixie Garden which is their little garden folly. A garden folly is defined as a building that is constructed primarily for decoration or suggesting, through it’s appearance, some other purpose. Created from an old stump we have placed concrete pixie doors on either side and a timber roof made from twigs and offcuts of timber.  A few concrete ornaments like a fairy, toadstool and Jack’s favourite a little wombat keeps them amused. Just recently they planted daffodils, snowflakes and grape hyacinth around the base. We have also made it a sensory garden with prosanthera (native mint bush) which provides a minty scent when you crush it and Chocca Mocca Cosmos which produces chocolate coloured and scented flowers. Aquilegias grow at the front of the garden and can handle the odd trampling from the Children.  Schleranthus or Lime Lava is a great addition to the garden also as it provides a spongey feel under foot.

By now you should have removed all of those summer veggies and placed them in the compost as well as the fallen leaves around the yard.  It is now, particularly after the recent rain, a good time to turn the soil in your patch and boost it up with either some organic soil mix, mushroom compost and some screened cow manure.  This will have your patch ready for your Spring planting.

If you have an interesting photograph of a garden folly in your garden we would love to see it.

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