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A step forward in Portland

Last Thursday, the Portland community gathered for the second time this year since AWJ Civil took ownership of the Portland Cement Works Site.

Kris Leck, from Catalyst Consulting, started the meeting with a quick review of the timeline for work at the Cement Works, stating that visible work – such as the demolition of the Carriage House – is due to begin soon.

The meeting revealed some exciting ideas for  the old Cement Works location, with the new owners using converted industrial spaces in Australia and overseas as inspiration. Tourism potential was mentioned more than once, with a focus on creating facilities at the site that help activate tourism in the region. As Kris Leck says, with its “beautiful architecture and rich history,” the site has everything it needs to realise this potential.

The emphasis was on small changes that can make a big difference; leading Portland toward something new, while embracing the past.

In the spirit of marrying old with new, The Portland Cement Works also has a new name. Martin O’Connell, Director of AWJ Civil revealed that the site will now be known as The Foundations at Portland; a new identity that embraces the site’s history as the foundation for the Portland community – and for countless buildings across Australia – while also suggesting a strong foundation for the future.

To find out more about The Foundations go to or go to Facebook and search for The Foundations Portland.


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