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“1915” – A great tribute to our ANZACS

Comments and accolades – on social media outlets, and wherever people who saw the show gathered – confirm that “1915” was a runaway hit in the Lithgow district.  There were unsolicited words of praise such as “Best Ever!”  and “Amazing!” heard amongst the audience.

Catherine Lockley  (actor, director, producer, stage designer and writer) said, “I can honestly say it’s been a long time since I’ve heard such truly emotional and heart-felt praise from audience members. You didn’t just entertain them, you moved them, and that is worthy of real praise.”

The organisers want to say thank you to the band, cast, crew and audiences of “1915”. It was truly a magnificent commemoration of the ANZAC Centenary. Three performances to packed houses and the tributes keep pouring in.

Don White, President of the Lithgow City Band said, “We at the Band are overwhelmed with relief, pride and gratitude. Music can truly build a sense of community.”

He added, “The audiences loved the music hall singing, the band was a knockout and the play and actors received standing ovations for their performances. Where to next you may ask? I think to sleep for a week then ask us again.”

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