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What’s New in the Rose World

Last year in the early days of the Garden Column I ran a little story on the various types of roses available to assist our gardeners with their selection and since the Village Voice circulation has grown, I thought it may be beneficial to new readers who are thinking of roses for next summer.

Tree or Standard roses mostly have those varieties grafted into the top of a tree-like stem

Hybrid Tea: (HT) Classic, long-stemmed, generally perfumed, cut flower roses. Most produce one or more perfect blooms per stem and all varieties make good cut flowers which last well.

Grandiflora:(Gr) Strong, lusty, continuous blooming roses which produce clusters of hybrid tea-like flowers. Make an excellent hedge which will deter intruding animals and people.

Floribunda:(F) As hedges, borders, to line paths or foundation plantings and in large pots floribunda roses flower abundantly, and are quick to repeat. Iceberg roses fit into this variety.

Polyantha:(P) These bear massed clusters of smaller blooms of an old fashioned nature.

Shrub:(Sr) These are the thoroughly modern rose that provides absolute hardiness on a smaller and more functional bush that is often also a ground cover. Usually these varieties have a low petal count but they make up for that with huge flower numbers.

Climbing:(Clg) Climbing roses are more often more vigorous forms of their parent. Climbing rose forms appear on many of the most favourite varieties. Climbing roses throw more elongated stems that can be tied and trained to a support creating a lovely effect. Climbing roses can take longer to establish than their parents and will generally be approaching their best after their 3rd year in the ground.

New varieties available this year are Man of Steel a soft pastel lavender with Intense Fragrance, Gallipoli Centenary in commemoration of the 1915 landing and The Golden Child which won the Australian Rose of the Year Award in 2013 and the Marion de Boehme Memorial Trophy and Rose Hiss Trophy for Best Floribunda.  The Golden Child comes with brighter, longer lasting yellow colour with glossier foliage, mahogany new growth and vastly improved disease resistance.  It is also great in pots with fast repeat blooming if deadheaded regularly.

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