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Hartley’s revitalisation gets a big boost

The NSW Government has committed $2.2 million over three years to fund ongoing revitalisation works at Hartley Historic Site, Environment Minister Rob Stokes announced last week.

Mr Stokes said this year’s program of work, which is being funded through the national parks

Heritage Asset Revitalisation Program (HARP), would see the renovation of Old Trahlee and the former Catholic Presbytery along with fencing and landscaping works.

“Reusing our heritage assets contributes greatly to the conservation and care of our significant sites and Hartley is a shining example of this,” Mr  Stokes said. “ln the last phase of work, new toilet facilities  were  constructed  behind  the  former  Post Office  using an existing heritage  shed; the transformation  was so successful that the project took first place in the Adaptive Reuse category at last year’s NSW National Trust Heritage Awards.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole MP said, “As a Nation we recognise that the Hartley Historic Site is an invaluable and iconic area where our history is a living memorial to our pioneers and reflective of times gone by.” The site is listed on the State Heritage Register for its significance and close association with early settlement of the Blue Mountains. The village has an extremely high level of intactness and contains a rich variety of buildings including a courthouse, inns, hotels, churches and post office. The village also contains good examples of the work of important  colonial era architects, Mortimer Lewis and Edmund Blacket.

The gradual revitalisation of Hartley village aims to increase tourism,create opportunities in the local community and foster appreciation of the site’s natural and cultural heritage. The site includes Old Trahlee which was constructed in the early to mid-1840s by the Finn Family who were prolific builders in the village. The Presbytery was constructed during the mid-1850s and is an impressive sandstone and masonry structure which compliments the adjacent St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, constructed between 1842 and 1847.

Other attractions at Hartley Historic Site include:

• The Granite Tor Walking Track, which was opened in 2013 as part of the Blue Mountains Crossing Celebrations and attracted 8,000 visitors last year;


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