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Front-path features

It is always an enjoyable feeling to walk down a nice path to someone’s front door whether it is through a front gate or linked with a driveway. Paths are always useful to connect entrances and gardens and if you encounter special and interesting features to greet you along the path then you feel instantly welcome.  This can be said whether you are walking into an office, a café, a business or a home.

Feature items can include an Archway, a handcrafted gate, Metal Wall-art, plants, pots, urns or Statues.  In my shopping expeditions I come across some remarkable feature items.  The metalwork that is available today is very creative and light and if it shows signs of rust then this all adds to the character in the garden.  Two potted plants either side of your front door also provides a nice welcome to visitors.  There are an enormous range of plants today that are suitable for pots and many labels these days state “Great for Pots” to assist with your selection.  When considering planting a pot plant always ensure that the plants are suitable for the position, for instance, do not plant a shade-loving plant at a front door facing the westerly sun.  Topiary buxus always looks impressive either side of front stairs or at the end of a garden path.  Buxus can be purchased as a standard in many shapes and they are expensive due to the years it takes to grow them to a reasonable height and shape.


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