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Launch of a Greens Campaign for Lithgow

The Green’s Campaign for Lithgow was launched last Thursday in Hartley by Tracey Carpenter, the Greens Candidate for Bathurst.

At the launch, Tracey Carpenter spoke of her vision for a secure energy future for the region; stabilising household power bills, eliminating gas emissions from electricity generation and creating tens of thousands of new jobs. This plan, said Tracey Carpenter, would position the region as a world leader in the fast growing clean energy economy.

At the centre of the plan was the creation of Energy Service Agencies within the public sector to support the transition.

“This is about putting households and communities ahead of vested interests in the energy industry,” said Tracey Carpenter. “In the Greens vision for a clean energy future, households and small businesses would no longer be passive consumers of electricity. Instead, they’d become active participants in the electricity industry, trading roof top solar and other renewable sources across a publicly owned network.”

“This is about starting the transition now and getting ahead of the rest of the world.”

John Kaye, Greens NSW MP, also spoke at the event. He discussed green energy policy and education recently released and his hopes for the future of the region..

“The Greens want constituents in the Central West to be able to embrace the clean energy future and reap the benefits of lower power bills, more jobs and the real chance of developing a vibrant export-based local industry.

“Our plans for a local regional public sector Energy Service Agency will ensure that every household and small business in the Central West will receive the technical advice and in some cases financial support they need to become part of the exiting new economy.

“The clean energy future will generate thousands of new secure unionised jobs in the Central West,” said Dr Kaye.

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