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The key to success is in the planning

Mark Hoy: Financial Planner

Mark Hoy’s career began in June 2004 after suffering a debilitating injury that ended a 20 year career as an Electrical Technician working in Power Stations & Coal Mines in the local area.

Fortunately,  he had a Financial Adviser who astutely set him up with Income Protection as part of an insurance protection plan designed specifically to protect his family from such a scenario.

Mark has lived in Lithgow all his life, his father was born here; in the house his mother still resides in, a stone’s throw from where he lives. His father worked in the one job at the Small Arms Factory for 49 years. Lithgow is one of the great industrial towns of the 20th century, from its Coal Mines, to the Steel Mill in the early 1900’s, through to the Small Arms Factory that employed 12,000 people during WW2 producing 4000 Rifles, 150 Bren guns and 70 Vickers machine guns per week.

Mark’s philsophy is to approach the needs of his clients with a view to helping them. If he cannot make improvements to their current situation, he does not charge them, unlike many other financial planners. The good news however is that most people do need help, but are unaware and not as well prepared as what Mark was when his family needed it most.

Mark has a true commitment to the Lithgow region and is focussed on ensuring we reclaim our position as one of the top regional centres in the nation.


To contact Mark visit his website
or call him on 0409 831 343


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