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Bryce Altman (16 yrs old) last year representing Australia at the Taekwondo Commonwealth games held in Glasgow Scotland

A great start to the year for Taekwondo students in Lithgow

This week has been a big one for three young athletes in the Lithgow region.

Three students from Haktari Taekwondo, Lauren Corney, Hayley Robson and Bryce Altman were selected by the Australian Institute of Sport to take part in two intensive camps that happened between 20 and 23 January. The students were selected from hundreds of others by a a panel of coaches from around Australia who observed and assessed the physical and skill performance of the athletes at recent taekwondo clinics.

Lauren Corney and Bryce Altman were among 50 athletes chosen to attend the 4 day camp, where they took part in advanced technical training sessions, physical training, controlled sparring and sports science education sessions all designed to help them advance their knowledge and skill in taekwondo. Hayley Robson also attended the camp during the last two days, when it was opened to a further 40 up and coming athletes.

“The AIS is about identifying future champions in the sport and taking them to the next level,” said Jeff Crane, the head instructor at Haktari TKD. “These three are the only Black Belt fighters in this age category training and competing at Haktari TKD; making their selection out of hundreds of junior black belts from around Australia very gratifying.”

Last year, Lauren and Hayley represented Autralia during the Oceania Taekwondo Championships, and Bryce Altman represented Australia at the Taekwondo Commonwealth Games in Glasgow Scotland. Their selection for such a prestigious camp indicates that Lauren, Bryce and Hayley are not resting on their laurels. More great things are sure to come soon.

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