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Spring snow surprise

Last Wednesday, residents of the Lithgow region woke up to discover that the world around them had turned white overnight.

“I’ve haven’t seen so much snow for a long time,” said Vicki Hartley, “and I’ve been a Lithgow resident my entire life. This has to be the biggest snow fall Lithgow’s seen since the early 80s and I can’t remember a snow fall doing this much damage since I was a child in the 70s.”

The snow was greeted with excitement by Lithgow’s residents, even though they had to dig through their wardrobes for their winter woolies.

Kids – and adults – have made the most of the snow, building snowmen, engaging in snowball fights and even tobogganing down driveways!

Unfortunately, however, not everyone has been having fun in the snow.

Road closures have caused problems for travellers, and several buildings throughout the region have suffered damage after having collapsed under the weight of the snow.

“Unfortunately this storm has caused a massive amount of damage across the area,” said Mayor Maree Statham. “Council staff were at work very early this morning assessing the damage and starting the repairs and are doing tremendous work in getting things back to normal.”

The council predicts that a full clean-up may take several weeks. “Completing the repairs is going to take some time but I do feel that residents will be understanding and patient,” said Mayor Maree Statham. “Priorities will have to go to those areas where there are trees or large tree limbs on the road or impacting on power lines along with those impacting on peoples’ safety such as trees threatening power lines.”

The contrast between the weather this year, and the weather last year could not be more striking. “It is rather remarkable that almost 12 months to the day that last year we were dealing with one of the worst bush fires in our history and now we have this,” concluded Mayor Maree Statham. “It does remind me of Dorethea Mackellar’s poem ‘MyCountry’.”

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