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Technology Dinosaur: Mobile Device Classes.

Are you a Technology Dinosaur? Are you intimidated by your mobile phone? Do you quake every time you attempt to download your photos? Are you jealous of your 3 year old child/grandchild’s ability to use your laptop/tablet/e-reader?

The Lithgow Library Learning Centre is holding one-on-one training sessions on Monday mornings from 9.30am to 12.30pm for twelve weeks, from the 21st of July excluding school holidays. Each Monday there will be a Digital Native (teenager to you and me) to help you learn more about your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader, digital camera etc.

We expect the demand for this service to be high, so please ensure that you book by ringing the Main Street branch library on 63529100 and put your name down on the “Technology Dinosaur” booking form.

“There is tremendous pressure on members of the community, particularly the Baby Boomer generation, to keep up-to-date with advances in Information and Communication Technologies. There are always new things to learn such as how to take and send photos, text your family, access the Internet from your phone, all which appear natural to the current generation. Providing a service that addresses the needs of a specific segment of the community is something that the Lithgow Library does particularly well,” says Lithgow City Council Mayor Maree Statham.

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