Opening of Education Week at Lithgow High School

Students participating in the Western Gateway Educational Communities Opening Ceremony travelled to Lithgow High School on Tuesday morning to take part in a performance for a friendly audience.

After the official welcomes were made parents, students and staff were treated to several performances. First up, the WGEC Combined Schools’ Choir sang two songs. Led by Mrs Rae Burton, this group is a fantastic example of how our whole school community can work together to produce an amazing result.

We then heard from Peter Harvey, the Education Director for Bathurst Network Schools.

Cooerwull Public School performed next with an instrument performance. This was followed by their young student from Year 3, Jacquilin Ismay who played a piano solo with expertise of a person well beyond her years. It was a truly amazing performance.

The kids at Wallerawang Public chose to perform Pharrel Williams “Happy” much to the crowd’s pleasure. The audience clapped and cheered. Capertee Public School then presented a “Stop Motion” video called Lego Movie, which was short and sweet and very funny.

Portland Central School performed their Jack Frost piece, which was the same item that won them an award at the Gulgong Eisteddfod. Following Portland Central School, it seemed like the whole of Zig Zag Public School was there to perform their song “Keep On”, such a lively and animated rendition.

The final performance was by the host school, Lithgow High School, who sang a song from their recent musical “Guys and Dolls” called “Sit Down You Are Rocking The Boat” accompanied by Jan and Brian Kinney.

The closing address was by Duncan Peard, Principal of Capertee Public School.

All in all, a really great day for our educational community.

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