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How Often Will I Hear From My Agent When I’m Selling?

When listing your property for sale it is worth having the discussion with your agent about how often you’d like to be contacted. Some people don’t like much feedback, they may say “only call me when you get a good offer” others may want to know every couple of days what their agent is doing for them. 

Ideally the agent will contact vendors after each inspection to let them know how it has gone and the feedback prospective buyers have given. It is handy to then have a summarised weekly report so the vendor and agent can look back over the inspections and what has happened.

If your property is not selling, your agent should be able to meet with you and analyse where the problem may be. Are they getting any enquiries? If not, maybe the presentation isn’t appealing. The first job of an agent in the sales process is to get buyers through your front door. Do the photos show your property in the best possible way? Is your property being advertised in the right places? Is your property priced too high?

Once identified, these problems can all be amended.

Are you getting lots of inspections but no offers? What is the feedback from inspections?

All feedback is good feedback. As nasty as negative feedback can be, it can also be very helpful. If common remarks from buyers are something like ‘the lounge room seems quite dark with not much lighting’ your agent can advise of ideas for better presentation, such as a large mirror which can reflect light from a window and adding floor lamps. The cost of hiring these is quite inexpensive and it may mean a more successful sale of your home.

Open communication between you and your agent can be the key to a more effective sale of your property.

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