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Why is it easier for men to lose weight than women?

For years we have asked ourselves why men find it much easier to shed weight than women. Are women doing something wrong? Is there something they can change? Is it just an unfair reality? Or does it all come down to genetics? The answers to these questions are varied. In a nutshell, women aren’t doing anything wrong. It is simply a combination of genetics with a little bit of psychology mixed in.
The way men and women view weight loss is entirely different. Women have pressure on them from society to look a certain way, through all forms of media, television, magazines and social media and often diet because they succumb to body image pressure. Men are the opposite, they view weight loss as a war. Men approach losing weight as a challenge and a game with themselves. This approach may be what allows some men to find it a little easier to approach and adhere to their exercise program.
Genetics wise, men are designed to have more muscle than women due to testosterone. When you are attempting weight loss and trying to keep fit, a greater muscle mass means you can continue to eat more calories. Muscle burns three to five times more energy than fat. When you are gaining muscle your metabolic rate increases, allowing you to burn more calories. Men can burn around 20 percent more calories, when they are doing nothing due to their greater muscle mass.
Women can assist their weight loss by increasing their muscle mass and in turn, metabolism. Through a combination of diet, exercise and strength training women can change their fat to muscle ratio. By having a higher muscle to fat ratio, women will find it easier to burn calories.
There are often connotations surrounding women and weight training. Weights scare some women and they think they will form huge muscles if they train too much. However this is not the case, and women should try to include some form of weight training into their exercise regime at least twice a week to speed up metabolism, tone and define.
Men also have more visceral fat than women. This is the fat that surrounds your organs, and while it is much more dangerous, as a precursor for type two diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, it is easier to lose. Women tend to have more subcutaneous fat that is found underneath the skin, commonly surrounding the hips and thighs area for child bearing. It is harder to budge and can cause cellulite, no matter what your size. Unfortunately, this means that women need to monitor their food preferences more and avoid fatty, oily foods that lead to subcutaneous fat storage.
The most important thing to remember, whether you are male or female, is that exercise and eating well should not be a short term fix. Being active daily, and eating well daily with only moderate amounts of treat food spread across your week, is what will see you maintaining a healthy weight.

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