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Amazing backdrops!

There are LOADS of ways to create high impact at a low cost. Backdrops are so incredibly effective at adding wow-factor to your party but they needn’t cost fortune.

Here’s our Top 5 for quick & easy DIY Wedding & Party styling!

Ok, so flowers can get really expensive, really quickly, but there are ways to create floral backdrops without spending the earth. Try silk ribbon with flowers knotted along the length. This will massively reduce the cost of using hundreds of flowers yet it will still look amazing.

Or, why not use a written backdrop. Chalkboards are a favourite here! – you can make a mistake & it wipes right off! Use quotes like “All you need is love – love is all you need” or “All because two people fell in love” for a wedding! “Life is Sweet” or “Eat Me” for a sweet lolly buffet. Try a timeless Disney quote for the little people i.e. “All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust” or “If you can dream it you can do it”, the list goes on – as could I!

Perhaps consider joining in with Ombré fever. Ombré is a French word meaning “shaded” or “shadow”. It refers to the gradual change of colour from darker to lighter or vice versa. I think Ombré looks lovely and doesn’t seem like it will ever get out of style, as a matter of fact, it’s everywhere! From hairstyle, clothes and nails to cakes and party décors. It’s pretty clear that the Ombré fever has taken the party scene by storm! Attach a series of balloons or homemade paper chains to the party table and fade the colour out (or in) as the balloon height increases! Simply fab! Consider bunting your friend if you have high ceilings or very large bland spaces that you need to give some more character to. A little drapery bunting can make the largest room feel fuller and less bland.

As much as I love the look of a heap of helium balloons – they can be a little on the expensive side so focusing on a budget friendly idea, try just four large balloons spaced evenly across the back of the table for a simple stylish look! Balloons are not just for a kid’s party, they are sooooo much more than that – with jumbo, confetti & foil balloons to choose from, you can add some serious styling “pop” to your party!

Why not try fabrics? As little as 1-2 metres of fabric from the likes of Spotlight or Lincraft is all you need to take your lolly buffet to a whole new level. Find a print or design that compliments your style or theme & throw it behind. Perfect if you have a nasty wall or background you want to cover – fabric off cuts also make the best matching table cloths too!

Remember – you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to attempt this sort of DIY wedding & party styling! Just give it a go!

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