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UWS Partnerships evening a great success

On Wednesday night, UWS in Lithgow held a public lecture showcasing ‘The Best Job in the World: connecting communities.’ The UWS Sustainability Manager Jen Dollin was there to offer Lithgow a taste of the way in which UWS could work with the community on issues of environmental, cultural and social sustainability. UWS believes in building meaningful and relevant partnerships with the communities where it is situated, and the evening was a chance for Jen Dollins to showcase the work she has done to help build those partnerships. Topics covered included various partnerships between the community and UWS in Penrith, such as the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. As part of the campaign to raise awareness about food waste in NSW and how much ‘good’ food goes straight to landfill, UWS has joined with the Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre to run workshops. They’ve also taken steps to embed the unit in the students’ coursework. The focus wasn’t entirely on the Hawkesbury, however, with Jen Dollins noting that UWS has already started making partnerships in the Lithgow Region. ‘Bee aware of Your Native Bees’, a community based project funded by the NSW Environment Trust, will be holding a seminar in Lithgow on the 23 June at Eskbank House. Jen Dollins, said the community project ties in with exciting research opportunities for students at UWS. Jen Dollins said that UWS is always interested in starting conversations with the local community. She encouraged anyone with an idea to come forward. ‘Good ideas with no ideas on how to implement them are wasted,’ she said, talking of all the great ideas that have never moved forward due to lack of planning or support. If you are interested in hearing more about sustainability projects supported by UWS, or you’d like to find out how to contact Jen Dollins and her team, check out sustainability_to_life for more information.

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