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Businesses to be impacted by badly timed power outage

A recent notice of ‘Planned Interruption to Electricity Supply’ from Endeavour Energy has prompted local businesses to speak out, questioning the timing and methodology of an outage that will impact on all buildings between the Courthouse Hotel and the Grand Central Hotel on Main Street, Lithgow, on Monday 2nd June. Instead of being scheduled to occur outside business hours, which would help to reduce the impact on businesses, this work is scheduled to occur between 7am and 1.30pm on a Monday, during peak trading hours for many small businesses. Local business owner, Lee Mitchell, of Lithgow Technology Services, acknowledges that the work needs to be performed, but suggests the timing will cause an unnecessary financial cost to the business community. He states that, ‘For many that will be affect by this outage it is their busiest day of the week and form a large percentage of their weekly and thus monthly income.’ The outage was not planned in consultation with the business community, and Lee Mitchell states that when he called Endeavour Energy to question the timing of the outage he was informed that Endeavour Energy had been kind in giving the business owners prior notice at all. In addition, Endeavour Energy informed them that ‘the pressures of government and cost of wages’ were the only factors contributing to the companies decision of day and time. With this in mind, it’s worth questioning, as Lee Mitchell does, why a major company that could easily absorb the cost of working at a more appropriate time, or by maintaining supply by other methods, is expecting ‘small local businesses to bear the cost of lost trade.’

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