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What’s in a name? Changes to road names and areas around Lithgow

The proposals are being considered following requests by Councillors and residents, and due to duplicate and double ended road names that are not acceptable to the Geographical Names Board and conflict with Department of Land and Property Information addressing details. The proposals include renaming: Reservoir Road, Portland, which is proposed to be changed to Vincent McManus Road. Park Avenue off Saville Street, Portland, which is proposed to be changed to Charlie Pinch Avenue. Lyons, Mead and Morrell Streets of Sunny Corner Road Meadow Flat. The proposal is the change the name to Mac Scott Road and Mead Street. Guy Street off Macaulay and Laidley Streets, Lithgow, which is proposed to be changed to Crowle Street. Road names, where the destination is part of the name, are also being phased out and Lithgow Council has started with the Rydal/ Hampton road, which has now been renamed as Hampton Road. “The name change to Hampton Road will provide a succinct name for the road, instead of the confusion of Hampton/Rydal Road, Rydal/ Hampton Road and Rydal Road which were all What’s in a name? Changes to road names and areas around Lithgow previously used,” said Mayor Statham. The proposals for road naming are being accompanied by a similar request to rename a locality in Lithgow named Kanimbla. Currently there are a number of properties in Lithgow Council’s are known as ‘Kanimbla’, which is not consistent with the current Geographical Names Board mapping. The proposal is to rename the area Megalong Valley, as the affected properties are considered to be located in that area. According to Lithgow City Council Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham, “The proposed name change is at the request of a number of local residents as their mailing addresses do not match the locality and mail is getting misdirected.” Residents are encouraged to call the Council or make submissions on the name changes. “It is important that local resident be given the opportunity to have input,” said Mayor Statham. “They are directly affected and may be aware of issues that have not been previously considered by Council.” Local residents have already begun discussing the council’s proposal to change the name of several roads in the local area. “As long as it’s done properly, and doesn’t need to be redone, then that’s all right,” said Tara Perkins, a concerned resident. “It affects a lot of people, and can cause problems if it’s not done right. Just changing the sign on the street isn’t enough.” Council Officers can be contacted on 6354 9999 to provide assistance to residents should they wish to discuss the proposed road naming changes before making a submission.

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