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Wiradjuri Traditional Art Exhibition

From 2 April – 4 May the visiting exhibition, Dhaga Ngiyanhi Ngan. Girra, will be up front and centre at Eskbank House and Museum.

‘Dhaga Ngiyanhi Ngan.Girra’, which is Wiradjuri for ‘Where we all meet’, is an exhibition of traditional Wiradjuri art, and the collaboration of two artists, Lynette Riley and Diane Riley- McNaboe. Officially opened on 12 April, the exhibition features headresses and belts utilising the feathers of local birds and native grasses, Kangaroo skin cloaks, and a possum skin blanket constructed from 54 skins.

According to Lithgow City Council Mayor Maree Statham, the artists have ‘created an exceptional exhibition of Kangaroo clocks, headdresses and belts and a stunning

possum skin blanket.’ Mayor Maree Statham continued, saying, ‘Not only are these artworks of high artistic merit, but the also have much to teach us about the Wiradjuri culture.’

The exhibition is the result of the cultural and creative meeting of two Dubbo born sisters, Lynette Riley and Diane Riley-McNaboe. The two artists have worked, both independently and collaboratively, to bring life back into the traditional practices of the Thubba-ga people, using skills that have been passed down through generations.

The continuation and revival of local Wiradjuri culture is very important to the sisters. One of the artworks, the possum skin blanket, constructed of 54 skins and rendered with Thubba-ga culture and stories in pokerwork and traditional dying techniques, is the first such blanket to be made in this region in living memory.

An extensive education component has been devised as a part of the exhibition to ensure that students and the community can engage with the exhibition and learn about Wiradjuri culture while enjoying the objects on display.

Mayor Maree Statham says, ‘I urge all members of the community to take this opportunity to see a unique and special exhibition.’ Adding that the ‘Lithgow City Council is very proud to host [the exhibition] along with Mingaan Wiradjuri Aboriginal Corporation.’

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