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Game of Thrones returns to Secret Creek

Coinciding with this year’s Ironfest, local restaurant, Secret Creek, is running a Game of Thrones themed dinner on Sunday Night.

For the uninitiated, Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows currently on air with worldwide viewing of over 6 million every week.

The fantasy television show is based on the works of author George RR Martin and tells the story of great noble houses of Westeros as they struggle for power and dominion.

Full of dragons, treachery, battles, and a fair share of debauchery, it is a very vivid canvas for the creative culinary team at Secret Creek to use when building a banquet.

With dishes like Black Bread and Dripping, Theon’s Favourite Toy (a slightly concerning name for a dish if you’re a fan of the show) and Dothraki Blood Pie, the event is sure to be a night to remember.

We attended last year’s Yulefest Game of Thrones night, and while I didn’t get dressed up and in character, the evening was full of fun, frivolity and, as always at Secret Creek, outstanding food.

There were a few tickets still available at time of writing, so look them up on Facebook or call the restaurant on 02 6352 1133.

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