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Calling all cars for Demolition Derby

CAR CRUNCHING DEBUT – Portland mechanic Dave Moffitt will compete in a Ford ute while young Slade Anlezark will destroy this Ron Bidwell painted promotional vehicle. 

Story & photo by Les Taylor

Got a dull and boring life?

If you are looking for a little biff, bash and crash action, have an old, but running vehicle, have the intestinal fortitude to drive that vehicle backwards into other vehicles then the Portland District Motor Sports Club is looking for you.

A demolition derby will be contested on Sunday May 25th to put a smashing end to the 2013 – 14 speedway racing season at the Cullen Bullen Raceway.

To date there are about half a dozen cars and utes being stripped out ready to take on the monumental battle.

Vehicles need to have all glass and lights removed, sturdy seat belt and the battery firmly bolted in.

All drivers doors are painted red and adorned with a white cross to denote that this is the only no hit area on the vehicles – this is done for safety of the driver.

Each vehicle also flies a white flag from the driver’s door and when the vehicle is rendered immobile the flag is removed by the driver.

The last car left running is the ultimate winner of the car crunching chaos.

If you want the unbelievable feeling of being strapped in a car and being pounded left right and centre by a swarm of other vehicles this metal mangling, car crashing event is for you.

To take part in this mad moment of motoring mayhem Sue Healey is the lady to talk to for a full set of rules and an entry form – give her a call during business hours at Portland Automotive Services on 0419266204.

Sunday May 25th at the Cullen Bullen Raceway is certainly a family day out not to be missed.

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