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Is it curtains for the Crystal?

Next weekends showing of the recent animated movie Frozen, may be signalling more than the impending weather change in Portland.

There is a sad reality setting in for the small community cinema group. They just cannot get films in the format they need to continue bring entretainment to the children and adults of Portland.

Over recent years it has gotten harder and harder to get popular movies for the old projectors, as the rest of the world is going digital.

The cinema has been run by a small local group of volunteers for a number of years, and without their tireless efforts, there would not have been any movies at all.

Here is a message from their facebook page:

“Hi Friends this will be our Last showing for the time being, as the film company’s are not importing 35mm prints into Australia any more!. if you have any ideas on where we can apply for grants or sponsors please inbox us on this page, we need at least $50,000 to get started with digital projection and sound equipment, $60,000 to do it properly, “

Without some much needed funding that may not be curtains, but it will certainly be an extended intermission for the monthly cinema.

Last months showing was cancelled due to the movie not being available, but this month there is film, there is a session at 2pm showing Frozen and we urge you to get the kids and get a long, it may be your last opportunity.

For more information on donating or assisting with fundraising please contact the group via their facebook page – search Pictures at Portland Crystal Cinema.

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