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Get your vegetables in the ground now for a bountiful winter harvest.

Guess what? There’s only 2 more months until we are officially in Winter so its time to think about how we can get the best from our garden during the cooler months.

First up, lets talk vege’s. The patch needs a clear out and its a great time to start thinking about what winter veg you’d like to plant. And there’s quite a variety to choose from. Think hearty warming things like beetroot, potatoes, pumpkins, broccoli and brussels sprouts. Also consider asparagus, beans, peas, tomatoes, sweet corn and zucchini’s. These can be either sown as seeds or planted as transplants.

With regard to plants, you’re going to look for sturdy frost-tolerant types that can handle our climate.

Then there’s around the garden. Take advantage of the cooler weather heading our way and commit to some tasks that raise a sweat, like digging new beds in readiness for Spring, laying a new path or finally tackling that water feature.

Not only is gardening in the cooler weather great for your plants but its awesome for your soul! Heading outdoors and grabbing some fresh air has been proven by scientists to, even on the coldest and greyest of days, lift your spirits and warm you up!

Zoie Wilson from Lithgow Landscapes & Produce in Donald Street, has these top 3 tips to get you started this weekend.

1) aerate, top dress and feed your lawn and garden with fertilizer

2) mulch your garden to provide protection from the frost

3) give the vege patch a good going over with fertilizer and then look at planting for lovely winter vege’s

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