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Meet Glenda Anthes

Glenda Anthes is a born and bred Lithgow local. Apart from spending 5 years on the Gold Coast a number of years ago, Glenda has always been around the Lithgow area.

The site where you will now find her store, on Main Street has had a previous life for Glenda and her family. Her parents operated a wool shop and a toyshop for many years from the location.

“I remember being in mum and dad’s shops from about the age of four” Glenda recalled, and she now sees ladies who she used to sell wool to visiting her in the store for her own products.

The shops were leased for a number of years once her parents retired, however 7 years ago Glenda decided it was time for her to open a store.

“My business plan was very simple, I said to dad I wanted to open a shop, he asked me what I would sell, and I said Bras and Undies” she added.

Glenda’s huge range of ladies lingerie and sleepwear as well as a large range of clothing is on display as soon as you enter the store.

Her uniqueness however is her expertise in the fitment of that most essential of women’s under garments, the Bra.

As a fully qualified bra fitter, Glenda is trained in making sure the right choices are made and that ladies receive the best advice for their individual needs.

“Everybody, especially young girls, needs to be taught from day one how to put on a bra correctly and our fitment service is a bonus that you can’t get anywhere else.” Glenda said.

It is unique to find that level of personal service in this day and age where most purchases are made at supermarkets or chain stores where the staff have little to no knowledge of what may suit a customers needs.

Glenda stocks all the brands you would expect including Berlie, Triumph, Caprice, Bendon, Fayreform, Besssoni and Parfait.

There is also a large range of ladies clothing in store and quality sleepwear, from romantic special occasion pieces to something to keep you warm on a cold winters night.

Glenda is also a qualified prosthesis fitter with Amoena Breast prosthetics for women who have suffered from breast cancer.

So next time you are looking for a gift for the lady in your life, or perhaps shopping for your own needs, visit Intimate Dreams at 91 Main Street Lithgow and see Glenda.

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