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Bush fire season almost OFFICIALLY over

From 1 April 2014, fire permits will no longer be required for the Bathurst, Oberon and Lithgow Local Government Areas.

Although fire permits are no longer required, property owners must still ensure they abide by the Open Burning Policy issued by Council. Regulations are still in place with regards to any burning, including pile burns, agricultural, stubble or use of fire to destroy waste.

“It is essential to exercise caution and follow guidelines regarding the use of fire, to avoid the risk of fire spreading and endangering life or property.” said Fire Mitigation Officer, Rebecca Phillips.

“Residents must also notify neighbouring land owners and their local fire authority at least 24 hours before burning, as well as taking appropriate action to ensure containment and control of fire so it doesn’t escape and cause damage.

“Penalties still apply for failing to notify neighbours that you are lighting a fire and for allowing fires to escape.”

“Even though the weather is cooling down, there is still the potential for fires to threaten life, property and the environment.”

“We encourage people to seek advice from their local NSWRFS Fire Control Centre on how to safely conduct hazard reduction activities such as slashing, trittering and burning, and how to prepare their homes for the next bush fire season,” said Rebecca Phillips.


If residents do wish to conduct burning activities, they should ask the NSWRFS for advice,

permits and approvals and:

• Give fire authorities and neighbours 24 hours notice.

• Check weather conditions/ Total Fire Bans.

• Delay the burn if concerning winds are forecast.

• Create proper fire breaks.

• Have adequate water resources and firefighting equipment on hand.

• Supervise the fire at all times.

• Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if fire escapes.

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