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Local services helping you get back to work

You would have to have been living under a rock for the last 12 months to not have heard about the many challenges faced by local industry, the unfortunate job losses and the effect that has on our local economy.
Thankfully there is businesses out there that have a focus on getting people back to work and help them with getting skills and assistance in areas they need so they can get back to work.

One of those companies right here in Lithgow is APM. They have offices in Lithgow but also run remote offices in Portland fortnitghtly to reach those that need their services but can not get to the main office.

APM is an Australian owned family company delivering services in all Australian states and territories operating in 297 locations.
APM’s core business is to provide employment services assistance for disadvantaged job seekers in order to optimise their social and economic participation in the community.

APM’s mission & values
• As APMers, we are motivated by our core values and quality in all we do:
• Demonstrating honesty and ethical behaviour at all times
• Consistently treating people with respect and dignity
• Genuinely listening to others
• Successfully balancing the need to achieve results with meeting the needs of key stakeholders (e.g. clients, customers, the community)

If you are an employer with recruitment needs, we offer the following FREE services:
• arranging the advertising
• screening applicants according to your business requirements
• offer interview rooms if required
• ability to visit you at your business
• assist with completing forms and understanding your regulatory requirements
• assist with planning your future staffing needs
• advise on financial assistance packages you may be eligible for, including:
• Wage incentives
• Training or apprenticeship incentives
• Personal support for up to six months

APM consultants care about the people they work with and try to find the best match of skills to requirements, keeping both employers and Job Seekers happy.

Need to fill a vacancy today?
Contact Us to find out how we can make a difference for your organisation today or how to Post a Job that you need filling.
Lithgow APM, 69 Bent Street Lithgow, NSW 2790
PH: 63527000

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